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Boston Celtic Preview 2017/18

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Ma Thoughts: Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor… Everyone and their grandmother said this game was the shit of shits back in 2014. So me being a cheap-ass gamer who waits for most things to go down in price, I decided to wait and eventually picked it up in 2015. 
Pre-Hype Blues

I kept hearing about how amazing the nemesis system was and why this was the reason I needed to play this game. I kept hearing about how it had amazing combat, how it took the Assassin’s Creed and Batman Arkham series’ schtick and perfected the formula with unprecedented freedom. Oh boy!
So I load up the game, get into a little skirmish and yes the combat is a little Batman-y. That’s sweet because at the time I had played two of those games and knew how to seriously kick some ass in that framework.

My first outing I see a group of orcs and I’m thinking, “Noice! mother fuckers are bout to get werked.’ So I run over, waving my sword in the air and screaming the void-words of the fallen fathers of Gondor and get fucking taken out, hard. Just …

Who in the Shell? Taking a look at Heroic Identification - By James Nicolaou

Greetings Ladiez and Germtelmen! 'Tis I, the wonderful and amazing Titan Greybeard!

*fanfare with full band and brass section*
I am coming to you with another article in regards to the topic of race and modern media! (Yaaay relevance!) This will be a spiritual successor to an article I wrote on my blog ( pluggity pluggity plug plug!) which talks about why racial representation in modern media is important.
Why are you writing another article on a similar topic I hear you ask?
I am writing this article because today the first press shot was released of Scarlett Johansson as the female lead inthe live action adaptation of the iconic Masamune Shirow manga and anime, Ghost in the Shell.
Now, I'm not going to go into what the show is about, 'cause you can Google that and check yourself, and that isn…

Ma Thoughts: Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

I love RPG’s but I’m also mad lazy and procrastinate even when the thing I’m avoiding is something I generally want to do. So it took me a long-ass time to finally sit down and properly play the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
I’m 11 hours deep (in a game that is 100hrs of hours long) and I have to admit, I’m having a blast.

The game initially doesn’t leave that great an impression: yes, it looks great, the world is huge and there is a shit ton of stuff to do but the swimmy weird-ass character movement had me vomiting in my own mouth. It made such a great looking game seem kind of cheap and incomplete.

When you said you spit hot fire I thought you meant a tight 16! You lied to me![/caption]
My first impressions of the combat weren’t great either: the lock on sucks, there are too many fucking buttons, the whole thing seemed kind of assy to me.

But with persistence (and the almighty gamefaqs) I was able to get to grips with the bass-ackwards subtleties of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The first pr…

Ma Thoughts: Lazer Team

Lazer Team is the first feature film from digital production company, of Red Vs Blue fame, Rooster Teeth. Crowd funded via Indiegogo, Lazer Team was a hotly anticipated (well in some circles) sci-fi comedy.
The question remains, can the guys known for producing hilarious short form content translate their talents to feature length? Check the review to find out!

Lazer Team is the story of four horrendously below-average guys, an alien super-weapon and a square-jawed hero.
An ancient alien race bequeath a suit of power armour to earth in order to help protect us from an intergalactic threat. In order to maximise our chances of survival, the US military (naturally) raise a square-jawed champion, whose destiny is to wear the armour, chew bubblegum and ultimately kick some serious alien anus.

However, things go terribly awry when four schlubs accidentally fire a big-ass firework at the power armour’s delivery craft. The four guys each don a piece of the armour and hilarity ensues.
Now we’…

Ma Thoughts: Batman: Arkham Knight

I’m going to look deep in to the hateful reservoir of darkness that is my soul and admit some uncomfortable home truths; the quiet things that no one ever knows, the things best left to yourself or maybe uttered on your death bed, as you drop the mic and ascend to the realm of the elder gods.
I have never completely liked a Rocksteady Batman game. Now before you jump to your keyboards (assuming anyone is actually reading this) hear me out!

The Batman games are dope, just straight up dopeness but there is always an undercurrent of freshly squeezed wackiness and wackosity in these games.
In Arkham Asylum, everything that took place in a “level” was great. It was tight, well designed and well paced. However, it was all the fucking busy work and bullshit in between areas that annoyed me. Those lame-ass plants farting out bullshit-gas, and the odd ‘zombie-dude’ scattered here and there was just pointless busy work that padded out the game.
I didn’t like that shit at all, it got in the way…

Funky Fresh NBA 2015/16 Preview Pt 1

As I'm about to write this here blog post I’ve got the Red Hot Chilli Peppers song “Suck My Kiss” playing on loop in my brain sack. Why, I hear no one ask? Well I’ll tell you! NBA 2K15 has stolen all of my free time. Yes I know, I’m late to the party but you know what, I’m also mad cheap and only paid £25 for that shit on preowned, so have a coke and a smile etc etc.
So enough of the trademarked Flim-Flammery and on to the meat and or potatoes of this post; previewing the 2015-2016 NBA season! Now we can’t look into the future without having a brief look into the past and having a quick gander and what transpired last year and how it will impact the next!
The Champ Is Here!First of all we crowned new NBA champions in the Golden State Warriors (GSW), who won their first title since the 70’s. They didn’t just win it, they walked it like a doawg. They also dispelled one of those oft quoted maxims about elite basketball teams not being “jump shooting” teams. 

Most “jump shooting” team…